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Truk Stop Hotel Restaurant, one of the best in Micronesia Fine Dining with a View
Fun Times with Friends.

The Truk Stop Hotel Restaurant, the Patio Bar and the new Hard Wreck Cafe and Bar offer Chuuk visitors a broad range of food and beverage choices to suit their mood.

Lobster Dinner! Come and enjoy the finest of Epicurean delights prepared by the skilled chefs of The Truk Stop Hotel Restaurant. Rated highest in satisfaction by world travelers to Micronesia, the restaurant offers a large selection of breakfast, lunch and dinner cuisine in air - conditioned comfort. Freshly caught seafood, juicy burgers, homemade pizza and top USDA choice sirloin steaks compete with Micronesian and Asian delights on the large menu.

View a sample menu.

Patio Bar The Patio Bar is located outdoors with a fine view overlooking the water. Enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail while you savor the view as the sun sets over Truk Lagoon and its islands.

Truk Stop Hotel Buffet The restaurant and bar can cater to large parties, conferences and business meetings. With the addition of the new Conference Center, Truk Stop Hotel is the perfect choice for a conference, educational program or meeting. Please see the details on the Conference Center page.

Truk Stop's Hard Wreck Cafe and Bar serves a selection of finger food to accompany the bar's drink selections. Guests can order food from the Truk Stop Restaurant for service in the Cafe if they prefer a more casual setting.

The Hard Wreck Cafe includes a pool table, access to a TV / reading room with a 40 inch TV and casual, comfortable furniture. Truk Stop Hotel's Hard Wreck Cafe is a place for hotel guests to hang out and read, watch TV, swap shark stories, review their underwater videos, read and socialize.


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