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Old Lighthouse, Sapu, Moen Island, Chuuk, Micronesia Truk Stop Hotel's staff will happily arrange tours with local tour operators. An on site car rental agency can provide transportation for those who like to explore on their own.

Land Tours

Contact the Truk Travel Service office on the hotel grounds to arrange:

Here are some suggestions for sights to see in Truk Lagoon.

Big Mama's Cave, Chuuk, Micronesia The island of Truk Lagoon were heavily fortified by the Japanese during World War II and many of these fortifications still survive. Local tour operators offer a variety of interesting land tours, including the WWII relics, jungle and cultural excursions.

On Weno, the island where the hotel is located, evidence of previous Japanese occupation includes fortified caves and tunnels, a Japanese built lighthouse and the former Japanese communications center, which has been converted to Xavier High School.

Weno Market, Chuuk, Micronesia Cultural sights on Weno include a Menís meeting house dating back to the early days of Chuuk's history. Other islands in the lagoon also carry evidence of previous occupations. The island of Etten has an airfield and communications building.

The Big Gun, Moen Island The Sapuk Lighthouse was constructed at the top of the hill with a panoramic view of the strategic northeast passage. Huge guns located below the lighthouse were used to prevent American ships from entering the lagoon.

The Xavier High School stands on land that belonged to the Catholic Church before WWII. The Japanese used the buildings here as a wartime communication center. The buildings massive walls, 3 to 4 feet thick, protected the Japanese and sustained little damage during the war.

Several caves served as installations for the Japanese. They were often enlarged and fortified, then used to house large guns, munitions and stores. Visitors can tour the Tonata Guns and Caves and the Nefo Cave. Japanese soldiers sometimes lived in these caves. Other point of interest are the Japanese Officers' Quarters on Eten Island which were heavily damaged during the war. A visit to Eten offers a chance to see the extensive modifications the Japanese made to the island to turn it into an airfield.

Cultural sites include Nernwes and Fourman Rocks in Tunuk and Onip on Udot Island. Legend tells of Nernwes, the daughter of a Yapese high chief, who disobeyed her father's orders and come to Udot by walking across the sea. The priest of Udot destroyed her power to walk on water and Nernwes died of grief. Wichon Men's Meeting House is another site to visit.

Truk Stop Car Rentals

The Truk Stop has a rental fleet to serve your ground transportation needs. Both business and pleasure travelers will enjoy our clean dependable vehicles which can be reserved and picked up at our office in the hotel complex.

Toyota sedans and pick-up trucks are available with both automatic and standard transmission. All vehicles are air-conditioned.

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